How to use iGoogle

iGoogle is one of another Google’s product, where you can install different type of Google Gadgets (aka Widgets), and make them available at one spot i.e one Google’s webpage (iGoogle).

What are Gadgets ?

Google Gadgets are basically different sort of programs or widgets, which you can put in one page, like viewing the Weather Forecast, maintaining your Daily To Dos, maintaining Calendars, checking your different Email Accounts, Tips and Tricks for your interested topics etc.

How to install Google Gadgets ?

To install a Gadgets, simply sign-in to your Google account at and click on the Add Stuff link to view or find different sort of Google Gadgets you are looking for.

How to install Themes for iGoogle ?

Yes! iGoogle also provides you the themes on which you want your Gadgets to view. There are plenty of themes available on iGoogle’s Themes section by clicking on Change Theme link where you can view or search for your related and interesting themes.

Wanna create your own Google Gadget ?

This is another great interesting section where one can create his or her own Gadget.

For the creation of Gadgets, you can check out another of the post on this website i.e. How to create a Google Gadget for iGoogle for details on how you can create a Google Gadget easily.

So what are you waiting for? Simply goto iGoogle and login, and enjoy using another type of surfing on the web, using iGoogle, which makes you feel like a world in one single page.


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