Send Bulk SMS from your Mobile through Computer Software

Most of the latest mobile phones now support computer connectivity, not only as a temporary hard drive (USB drive), but also the management of phone books, SMS messages (sending and receiving), applications etc. through computer software.

From some of the features, one has been focused here, and that is Sending of Bulk SMS through Computer Software.

If you have a mobile phone which supports mobile management through computer software, and if you have a cheap sms packages sim, and want to send bulk messages to your family, friends, colleagues etc. on a single click, without sending SMS one by one from the phone book, or choosing different groups for sending bulk SMS, then here is a good solution.

All you need is a USB Data Cable or Bluetooth may also be supported. Simply download and install one of the following software, available for free:

  1. MyPhoneExplorer (Windows)
  2. FMA (floAt’s Mobile Agent) (Windows)
  3. Wammu (Windows / Linux)

Out of these three, Wammu supports Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel, Sony Ericsson etc., while FMA and MyPhoneExplorer are only for Sony Ericsson.

If you have any Sony Ericsson mobile, then I prefer to use MyPhoneExplorer, as it has great functionalities in it, while for others, go for Wammu.

Need Someone To Develop Sending Bulk SMS System?

If you want me to develop a Bulk SMS Sending system for you, please fill in the contact form and explain your needs so I may get the things done for you, or follow the video below:

If you think something might have been missed, or not properly explained, please post your comment so I may rectify anything, if needed.

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