Windows XP License Key on behalf of Windows Vista or Windows 7 License Key

As we all know that Windows XP License is no more available and only option now is to purchase Windows 7 License.

But what about the users who still want to use Windows XP?

Let me explain the answer for the ones who are really fans of XP and now they want to purchase its license, after the usage of pirated versions of XP:
After having little talk and discussion with the Microsoft and its registered clients, who sale Microsot products, it has been observed that there are still chances for us to use License copy of Windows XP. The best and valid option for the us to use Windows XP is to buy the latest license version of Windows, i.e. Windows 7 nowadays, and on behalf of that license key, you can apply for the Windows XP license key to Microsoft, informing them that you want to use Windows XP on behalf of Windows 7 license. Soon you will be provided a Key from Microsoft, and the what? Simply download any Windows XP setup from internet or install from any CD, and give your Microsoft’s provided key of Windows XP to start using the license of Windows XP.

If you still have any confusions, simply contact your nearest Microsoft center, or visit Microsoft or Windows 7 for further details.


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