Install Firefox 3.5 Ubuntu,Namoroka Firefox

While updating Ubuntu through Update Manager, an unwanted update applied to Firefox, where Firefox is nomore Firefox, but Namoroka.

Namoroka Problem

Well, Namoroka may be good, but for me, some of the addons which were installed on Firefox, stopped working, because they are not supported by Namoroka. May be we will be seeing the addons support for it in the next release or so, but if you think that addons and extensions are more important than Namoroka, then here is a solution for installing Firefox (Firefox 3.5), so that we can move from Namoroka to Firefox.

How To Install Firefox 3.5

To install Firefox 3.5, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Firefox 3.5 file from the following link:
    Firefox 3.5
  2. Extract the downloaded tar.bz2 file in any folder like: /home/programs/
  3. Goto your Desktop, and Right Click anywhere in the screen, and choose Create Launcher…
    (A popup window of Create Launcher will appear)
  4. Input the Name field with whatever the name you want to call your Firefox shortcut link, like Firefox 3.5
  5. In the Command field, give the full path of firefox file, which is saved under the extracted firefox folder, like if we take the above path, then the path will be:

This is it.

Now you can use Firefox, not Firefox Namoroka, by double clicking the Launcher, we’ve just created. Even it could be replaced with the panel shortcut, from Namoroka to Firefox.


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