Order Free iGoogle Gadgets

If you want to order an iGoogle Gadger for Free, just like on the blog WebTechQuery.com Gadget, where iGoogle Gadget was created with the name of WebTechQuery.com Search, then you can send me an email with your web address and logo (optional), to get an iGoogle Gadget for your website.

Why To Order Google Gadget For Free

This will help you adding your Search Gadget on iGoogle, so that iGoogle users can add it to their iGoogle homepage, and search on your website using that Gadget. This will also help you in making your SEO stronger, in case your Gadget becomes famous.

Send Your Details For Ordering Free Google Gadget

Before sending me the email, you have to make sure that your site supports searching feature, as the provided Google Gadget will only be able to redirect the users from the Gadget to your website’s search page.
Please note that this free offer will be a limited time offer, so whoever wants to order for a Free iGoogle Gadget, send me an email at webtechquery@gmail.com

Create Your Own Google Gadget

Or if you are interested in creating your own Google Gadget, then you can view another of my post:
How to create a Google Gadget for iGoogle?


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