Webpages Crawled by Google through Google Alerts

How to check Google’s Crawled Pages of your Domain?

If you are running a website, and you want to know that which of your webpages have already been crawled by Google, then you should be aware that while writing your website address in Google Search, you will be shown the pages crawled by Google, for example, if you want to search the web pages of WebTechQuery.com, crawled by Google, then simply search site:webtechquery.com in Google Search.

This was the way you wanted to look into your own web pages which were crawled on your domain by Google.

Google Alerts

But if you want to get live alerts for the pages which are crawled by Google itself, then Google Alerts will be a very useful tool.

How Google Alerts Work?

Whenever Google finds a page, which matches your website, no matter it is found in your own domain, or somewhere else, like any forum, blog etc., Google will throw you an email, pointing out the web address, where your website or web link has been added on.

Add Any Website on Google Alerts

Even you can add any of the website you like, for which you want be updated, like which sort of comments, links, questions and answers etc. are posting in the web world regarding that website.

Great isn’t it ?

How to Use Google Alerts?

Now let me explain in short on how to use Google Alerts. Simply goto Google Alerts, and fill in the form, by writing the site name you want to get alerts from, example, http://webtechquery.com. After filling in the other options like email type, email duration etc., simply submit the form, and thats it. As soon as any of your given website’s page has been found anywhere by Google, you will be sent an email alert that so and so pages has been crawled.


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