Software For Ubuntu, Ubuntu Program

If you are looking for different Software for Ubuntu, as alternative for Windows software, following is list of few Ubuntu programs, which you can use as alternative to Windows software in Ubuntu.

Software For Ubuntu, Ubuntu Programs

If you are looking for Ubuntu Software, and want to download and install the software for Ubuntu, check out the following links:

OpenOffice, Alternative to Microsoft Office

Mozilla Thunderbird, Free Alternative to Outlook

Thunderbird Calendar, Free Alternative to Outlook Calendar

Mozilla Firefox, Free Alternative to IE

Google Chrome, Alternative to IE

Ubuntu MSN – Alternatives to MSN Messenger

FireFTP for FTP Uploading and Downloading

IDEs or Notepads For Ubutu

LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), Alternative to WAMP

Free SVN Tools Ubuntu, Free SVN Software Ubuntu

Free Diff Tools For Ubuntu

Control Center, Alternative to Control Panel

Task Manager for Ubuntu

Device Manager For Ubuntu

CHM Files Viewer for Ubuntu

Hope the list above will help you in finding some basic Windows alternative software , which you can use in Ubuntu.

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