TortoiseSVN Add, Tortoise SVN Add

If you are looking for using Tortoise SVN add feature, where you can add multiple of files in Tortoise SVN, without adding one by one at a time, then the following article may be helpful.

TortoiseSVN Add List, TortoiseSVN Add

If you have a lot of files which are unadded or not added in the Tortoise SVN yet, and you dont want to goto each of the folder or subfolder, and choose the files from there, then you can have an easy solution, by following the steps below:

How To Add Files Tortoise SVN

  • Goto the root folder or the main folder, in which exists your svn folder or files (no matter they are yet added to your SVN or not)
  • Right click anywhere and choose TortoiseSVN, and click on Add
    Right click -> Tortoisesvn -> Add
  • A popup will window will appear, displaying all the unadded files, containing in that folder, and the subfolders in it.
  • Now you can see all your files here listed, which are not yet added by you in your SVN.
  • Choose your desired files from the checkbox, so that you can Add them in your SVN

Hope this will help you save time, in adding your bulk files into SVN through Tortoise SVN Add feature.


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