Ubuntu Shortcuts, How To Use Launcher

If you want to make shortcuts in Ubuntu, or want to know how to make or create shortcuts in Ubuntu, then the following post may be helpful to you.


If you want to make shortcuts of your applications and software in Ubuntu, then Launcher will help you creating shortcuts of both desktop as well as command line / terminal.

How To Use Launcher

Follow the steps below:

  • Simply goto your Desktop, and Right Click on it.
  • Choose Create Launcher
    A popup form will appear
  • In Type field, you can choose Application as well as Application in Terminal, as per your shortcut requirement
  • In the Name field, give the name of the shortcut, example gedit
  • In the Command field, give the command of desktop or terminal command, example, firefox %u for desktop, or sudo gedit for terminal
  • Click on OK button

and you’re done.


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