Firefox 4 Beta

If you are a fan of Mozilla Firefox, then you would be glad to know that Firefox has released Firefox 4 Beta 1.

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta 1 has been finally launched by Mozilla Firefox. The world’s second most popular web browser Firefox is now coming with its latest Firefox 4 Beta version. Some of the enhancements and new features in Firefox 4 are listed below:

  • Tabs are now on top
  • Enhanced HTML5 support
  • Hardware-accelerated HD video
  • WebSockets
  • Enhanced add-on support via Jetpack

For more details, you can check out Firefox Feature Spotlight below, to know more about the upgrades this new browser contain:

Download Firefox 4 Beta

To download the beta version of Firefox 4, goto the official website of Firefox, and start using Firefox 4:

Beta Firefox 4 Ubuntu, Beta Firefox 4 Linux

If you want to download and install Beta Firefox 4 in your Ubuntu / Linux, then check out the following post:
Beta Firefox 4 Ubuntu, Beta Firefox 4 Linux


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