Open Office Spreadsheet, Open Office Calc

If you are looking for Microsoft Excel alternative, then there is a good free alternative to Microsoft Excel as Open Office Calc or Open Office Spreadsheet.

Open Office Spreadsheet, Open Office Calc

Similar to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Spreadsheet or OpenOffice Calc can be used to maintain worksheets or spreadsheets, which can be read and saved in the file formats like XLS, XLSX, ODS etc.
From most of the basic features of Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Spreadsheet can be used for preparing spreadsheets or worksheets, drawing charts, inserting objects etc. Open Office Spreadsheet is available on different operating systems like Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) etc.

To download Open Office Spreadsheet, please check out the following post link of Open Office, which will guide you how and where to install Open Office.

Open Office

Open Office is actually a free alternative to Microsoft Office, where you can find different Microsoft Office free alternate software like free alternatives to Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint etc.
To check out more about Open Office, please check out the following post:
Microsoft Office Alternate Free – OpenOffice


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