Android SMS Backup

Are you looking for a FREE Android App to backup all your SMS ? Here’s a great solution:

Android SMS Backup

GMail is a great solution to have your Android SMS backup into. Yes, through this Free App, SMS Backup +, you can easily backup your SMS into your GMail account, with a different label, for example SMS.

Install SMS Backup +

All you have to do is, search for the app, SMS Backup + in Market, and have it installed in your Android. Once you are done, you can easily backup all your SMS into your gmail account very easily, where you can also have the option of auto sync, which will automatically sync and save your SMS into your GMail account, as per your desired selection of time / day.

Search For SMS in GMail

You can also find and search all of your SMS in your GMail account, instead of searching in Android. You can find the conversations or the old messages easily by making them searchable in GMail, which may be a tough job while doing on Android.

So have this great free app installed SMS Backup + in your device, and enjoy to have your SMS messages being saved in your GMail account freely, without paying a single penny.


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