Remove Duplicate Values – Spreadsheet Calc

If you have like huge amount of data, like non unique ids, phone numbers or any other type of data like name etc., in Openoffice columns, and you want to remove duplicate values from that column, then here is an easy solution:

OpenOffice – Remove Duplicate Values

  • Select the whole column, or the cells containing data, from top to bottom or bottom to top.
  • Goto Data -> Filter -> Standard Filter
  • There you have to choose none in Field Name drop down. Plese note that by default, you may be seeing the Field Name as Column A or any other column name, where your data is stored, please change it to none.
  • Now click on the More Options button below, and you will see some extra options below.
  • Check the No duplication and click OK button

Now the duplicate columns are hidden, and you will only be viewing the non duplicate values. Please note that, duplicate values still exist in the hidden rows, so if you dont want them in the sheet, then simply copy the column again, and paste it in some other sheet or the next blank column, and paste the selected copied column in that new column, to remove the hidden fields completely.

Hope this solution will help you removing redundant / duplicate values in Spreadsheet / Calc.


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