Block Google Images In Firefox

Here is a simple way of removing and blocking Google Images in Firefox.

Even if you have blocked images in Firefox using plugins like Adblock Plus of ImgLikeOpera, still Google images start appearing. Here is the solution for how to make this problem resolved and block Google images on Firefox.

Block Google Images – Firefox

To block Google images in Firefox, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Open a new tab in Firefox and enter the following url:
  • You will see a warning message, which you have to agree by clicking on the button there.
  • Now search for extensions.adblockplus.whitelistschemes and double click on this preference.
  • You will see a long string value like about chrome file irc
  • Simply cut this this whole string value and paste it into any text editor, and remove the word data from this string.
  • After you have removed the word data from the string, now paste the whole value again into the preference value of extensions.adblockplus.whitelistschemes
  • Restart Firefox
  • Now Install Adblock Plus extension
  • After installing Adblock Plus, right click on any of the normal image (not Google image) and choose the option Adblock Plus: Block Image
  • After clicking Adblock Plus: Block Image option, choose the last option Custom and insert the text data:image* in the Custom text field and click on Add Filter
  • Now restart Firefox again

By following the steps above, your Google images will have been blocked now. Try searching out in Google and see the results yourself.

Hope this will help you in removing and blocking Google images.


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