Sphinx Command Line Search

If you are using sphinx and you want to search sphinx through command line, like in putty, terminal etc., there here is the command you can use to search sphinx directly through command line.

Sphinx Command Line Search

To search on an sphinx index in command line, like in terminal / putty etc., where you want to search on different keywords and see the results, you can use any of the following two commands:

sudo /usr/local/sphinx/bin/search -c /usr/local/sphinx/etc/sphinx.conf -i index_name "test"


sudo /usr/local/sphinx/bin/search –index index_name "test"

Replace index_name with the index you want to search in sphinx, and replace test with the keyword you want to search in the index.

Also, please check the sphinx directory, as the directory path may vary for search and sphinx.conf

Hope this will help you in searching sphinx indexes through command line.


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