Disable Opera Mini Images Android

Are you looking for how to disable the images automatically loaded while you’re visiting websites on your Android devices. Here is a quick guide.

Disable Opera Mini Images

Images are one of the heavy objects of websites, and if you want to save your bandwidth, as well as time of loading a webpage, you should disable the images of your browser, which will let you load the pages quite faster. Here is a quick solution of how to disable images in Opera Mini on your Android device.

– Open up your Opera Mini browser
– Press on the Opera logo as O, on the bottom right
– Choose Settings from the menu opened, containing different options
– Press on the Load images, and the text will switch to off

That’s it.

Now your browser will not be loading the images, and images will be shown as blank boxes on the webpages.

To show the desired images on a webpage, all you need to do is to long press the image box and you will find a short menu, where you can click on the Open Image option, to view the desired image.

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