Notepad ++ (Notepad Plus Plus) and its Plugins:

Notepad ++ (Notepad Plus Plus):

If you want to have a good, free and easy IDE which takes less memory and gives you most (not all) of the things you want to have in a paid and memory taking IDE, then you should start using Notepad ++ . Download Notepad ++ from the following link:

Plugins for Notepad ++ (Notepad Plus Plus) :

If you are already aware of Notepad ++ and are shocked that how you can have the IDE environment in it, then let me explain. Plugins is what you require. After having research on different Free IDEs, I got to know that Notepad ++ can give me loads of plugins which I’m willing to find somewhere else.

Some of the great plugins I found in Notepad ++ are:

Light Explorer Unicode, ANSI

Explorer Plugin Unicode, ANSI

Plugin Manager Unicode, ANSI

Search In Files ANSI

Npp Auto Indent Unicode/ANSI

For more details and plugins please visit:


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