Receive Free SMS Alerts from Google Calendar

Yes! Now you can receive your Google Calendar reminders on your SMS as well, for Free. There is nothing hard in doing that, believe me.

Setup your Mobile Phone with Google Calendar in easy steps:

1. Click on the Settings and choose Mobile Setup

2. Choose your Country, and put your Phone Number there in the international format e.g. +92XXXXXXXXXX and click on Send Verification Code button.

If your mobile network has been supported by Google, you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone with the verification code.

Note: Please don’t rely (not reply) on the Supported mobile providers list as provided by Google. Do put your mobile number and click on Send Verification Code to check if your provider is supported by Google or not, as it’s being observed that Google dont show all the Providers in the list, but still it supports them. If not, then do check it frequently for Google to start supporting your network.

3. After successfully receiving the code, put your verification code and click on Finish setup.

This is it. Now start using your Google Calendar, and while putting your reminders on your calendar, select the SMS option over there, and start receiving the SMS.


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