Firefox TableTools, Sort Table In Firefox

If you are a Firefox user, or even if you are not then you should start using it, and you are concerned about having different types of sorting on the reports generated and displayed on webpages or websites, then you are on the right place.

Now you dont need to copy the HTML tables from webpages into MS Excel, OpenOffice SpreadSheet etc., for Data Sorting or Data Filtering, as Firefox plugin TableTools will help you providing such features, and you can have same type of functionality in websites or webpages.

Firefox Plugin – TableTools

TableTools is the plugin where you can sort and filter the tables in any website. Two of its main features are:

  1. Data Sorting
  2. Data Filtering

Data Sorting

This feature will help you sorting your webpages table data in different columns, example, you can sort your columns in ascending and descending orders for:

  • Alphabets
  • Integers
  • Date Time
  • IP Address
  • etc.

Data Filtering

This feature will help you filtering your webpages data in your desired columns. You can choose more than one columns for data filtering, just like you do the filtering in MS Excel, OpenOffice SpreadSheet etc.
For filtering the data, you have two options, Select Filters and Search Filters.

  • Select Filters will show you the drop down menu in all the table columns, to select your filtration, just like Excel’s Data Filtering.
  • Search Filters will give you a text box on top of each column, to write your own data there for filtering, without choosing any from the list.

Download TableTools

You can download Firefox TableTools extension directly from the following url:

Or visit the official website of TableTools for more details:

How To Use TableTools

After installing the TableTools, just right click on your reports or tables, and you will see two new options there, Sort Table Columns as for Data Sorting and Other Table Operations for Data Filtering and copying purpose.


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