Link Checker, Link Counter

If you are looking for a tool which will help you recognize that all of your web page links are working fine or not, or if you want to know that how much links are there in a webpage, then check out LinkChecker plugin for Firefox. All you need is the Firefox browser, in which you can use this Link Checker addon.


LinkChecker will help you in counting the number of total links in a webpage as well as the status of working and non-working links existing in a webpage. It will be helpful for Developers, QAs, SEOs etc. to check the links and counts of links in a webpage.

Download And Install LinkChecker

You can download the LinkChecker from the following url:

Or directly goto the FireFox Addons website, and search for LinkChecker over there to get it.

How To Use LinkChecker

After successfully installing the LinkChecker, just goto the webpage you want to test the links on, and right click anywhere in the page, and select Check Page Links. It will show you the links counter in your Firefox status bar, and the working links will be colored in Green, while the broken links or non-working links will be colored in Red.


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