Free Diff Tools Ubuntu (Linux), Windows

While finding the Diff and Merge tools for Ubuntu, I found the following tools, which could be used in Ubuntu (Linux).

Diff Tools / Merge Tools

The Diff Tools or Merge Tools can help you getting the difference between two or more files at a time. Such type of programs are normally used for version controlling, where one has to view, compare or merge the differences between one file and another or the difference between one version and another.

Following are some of the Diff Tools, which are compatible for Ubuntu (Linux)

DiffMerge (Windows, Linux / Ubuntu, MAC etc.)

DiffMerge is one of the best tools for Linux (Ubuntu), where you can view the difference of two or more files, as well as edit and merge the files at the same time by copying one version’s lines to the other.
For the users, who want to have an Alternative to WinMerge for Windows or Linux, DiffMerge is the best alternative found so far by me, where you can have similar features like WinMerge.

DiffMerge is compatible for Windows, Linux / Ubuntu, MAC etc.

DiffMerge can be downloaded from the following url:

Meld (Ubuntu / Linux)

Meld is another Diff Tool which can be used to get the difference between files. This Diff Tool is liked by many of the users, and is available for Linux (Ubuntu).

Meld can be downloaded from the following url:

KDiff3 (Windows, Linux / Ubuntu, MAC etc.)

KDiff3 is another program which can be used as a Diff tool, to view and edit / merge the files and their differences.

KDiff3 is compatible for Windows, Linux / Ubuntu, MAC etc.

KDiff3 can be downloaded from the following url:

You can post comments here, by informing some other Diff Tools, which may be better than the ones mentioned above, or even an alternative to WinMerge for Ubuntu (Linux).


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