RabbitVCS / NautilusSVN

Finding out free and good SVN tools for Ubuntu / Linux, RabbitVCS / NautilusSVN is one of the best SVN tool for Linux, Ubuntu, an alternative to Tortoise SVN.

RabbitVCS / NautilusSVN

NautilusSVN / RabbitVCS team has been doing great work on making an alternative to Windows Tortoise SVN, which was previously called NautilusSVN, and now changed to RabbitVCS. As said on the site: RabbitVCS is inspired by TortoiseSVN and others.

RabbitVCS Features

From some of the features, listed are few good features of RabbitVCS:

  • Its free
  • Its Open Source Software
  • Its a great Subversion GUI Client for Linux
  • It is easy to use with Right Click menu, just like Tortoise SVN
  • Its Multilingual

Download RabbitVCS

You can download RabbitVCS from its official website:


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