RapidSVN, Free SVN Tool Ubuntu / Linux

Finding out free and good SVN tools for Ubuntu / Linux, I found RapidSVN as a good one, after NautilusSVN / RabbitVCS.


RapidSVN is a good SVN tool for Linux / Ubuntu after NautilusSVN / RabbitVCS. It is a cross-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion.

RapidSVN Features

From some of the features, listed are few good features of RapidSVN:

  • Its free
  • It has easy to use GUI interface
  • It supports multiple platforms or multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS/X, Solaris, etc.
  • Its Multilingual

Download RapidSVN

You can download RapidSVN from its official website:

To find out another good SVN tool for Ubuntu / Linux, I recommend you to download NautilusSVN / RabbitVCS.

Check out the following url for details about NautilusSVN / RabbitVCS:


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