Geany, Ubuntu IDE

Finding out a good and light weight editor for programming etc., for Windows and Ubuntu (Linux), I found a great software Geany, which can easily be installed in both Ubuntu and Windows. It is one of the best free Ubuntu IDE I’ve found yet, which lets you program fast by using some autocomplete embedded features for php as well as html.


Geany is one of the best Ubuntu IDE tool, with so many features, including addons, themes, plugins etc.

Geany Features

Some of the good features of Geany are listed below:

  • Autocomplete for PHP etc.
  • Auto closing tags for HTML and XML
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Supported filetypes like C, Java, PHP, HTML etc.
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Ubuntu etc.

For more details, check out the following website:

Geany Plugins

There are various Geany plugins which could be installed in the Geany, like:

  • File Browser
  • Treeviewer
  • Spell Check


For more details and download for Windows and Ubuntu plugins for Geany , check out the following url:

Geany Themes

Geany also provides different themes for the developers, with different styles like color coding and background, including some highlighting of errors (spelling or syntax). Listed below are some of theme names:

  • Dark Theme
  • Vibrant Ink
  • Dark Tango
  • Oblivion


For more details and download for Ubuntu and Windows themes for Geany, check out the following url:

Other IDEs For Ubuntu (Linux)

For more IDEs for Ubuntu, please check out the following post:


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