GetDeb, Debian Installer, Get Deb

If you are looking for GetDeb (Get Deb) for Ubuntu, which will let you install your debian files, through debian installer, then you have come to the right place.

GetDeb, Get Deb

GetDeb will let you install different debian software in your Ubuntu, which you may not be able to find. To use GetDeb or Get Deb, just goto the following url and install GetDeb.

How To Install GetDeb

To install GetDeb, simply goto the following url, and install GetDeb:

How To Use GetDeb

After successfully installing GetDeb in your Ubuntu, now you can install the debian versions from this site, by simply going to the url:
and searching for your software in the search box, after choosing your Ubuntu version from the drop down menu.

Hope this will help you installing your debian versions for Ubuntu.


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