Firefox 4 Beta 2

A little time back, we were talking about Firefox 4 Beta 1, but Mozilla has just launched another of its Beta version Firefox 4 Beta 2.

Firefox 4 Beta 2 Released

Not so big changes as such seen by looking into this version, while few are listed below, which includes one major change / new feature App Tabs:

  • Support for 23 more languages
  • Added more support for CSS3 features, including support for CSS3 transitions and animations.
  • App Tabs, created for your most accessed websites, which you can access by clicking on their favicons or icons, right above the url bar, instead of a whole tab with the site descriptions in it.

For details about Firefox 4 Beta 1, check out the following post:
Firefox 4 Beta 1

To download and install Firefox 4 Beta in Ubuntu or Linux, check out the following post:
Beta Firefox 4 Ubuntu, Beta Firefox 4 Linux

Please give your comments related to Firefox 4 Beta 2, or something major missing here, which is added in the release of Firefox 4 Beta 2.


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