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Looking for WordPress favicon, where you want your own designed logo or image to displayed along with the URL bar ? A blog favicon or wordpress icon is what can let you display such icons or favicons on the URL bar.

How To Display WordPress Favicon

If you have already designed your logo (.ico file) which you want to be displayed as your favicon, then it is very easy for you to let it display on your website. But if you dint create one yet, then try creating one yourself, or search on google for free icons, which will let you create your own icons with different options.

WordPress Favicon Code

Once you are done and ready with your favicon, now you have to open your header.php file in wordpress admin area, by going to the left panel as: Appearance -> Editor
After clicking on Editor, the Edit Themes page will open, showing different files on the right bar.
Now click on Header (header.php) file.
After clicking on the header.php file, you will see the code of your header.php file there.
Dont be confused, you just have to enter a single line in there for your favicon.
Copy the following code, and paste it right after where the title ends :

Just replace the path http://www.webtechquery.com/wp-content/themes/decode-free/decode/images/wtq.ico with your favicon path, wherever you have saved it in.

Now save the file by clicking on the Update File button and refresh your website. You will see your favicon displaying right next to the URL bar.


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