Skype For Ubuntu, Skype For Linux

Looking for how to download and install Skype for Ubuntu or Linux Skype?

Skype Ubuntu, Skype Linux

Well, you would be glad to know that Skype has officially released its Ubuntu / Linux version.

Download Skype Ubuntu, Download Skype Linux

All you have to do is download the Skype debian version for Ubuntu, or any other Linux version there, at its official website:

and click on the Download button there, and choose the linux version from there (for Ubuntu, its Debian or Ubuntu version there).

Or if the above given url does’nt work for you, then simply goto the Skype official website, and goto the download link over there to get the Linux / Ubuntu Version of Skype at:

Install Skype Ubuntu, Install Skype Linux

After downloading the Skype debian version for Ubuntu, just run it there, and you’re done.
You can have your installed Skype’s version of your Ubuntu / Linux there in the Applications -> Internet section.

Hope this will help you download and install your Skype for Ubuntu / Linux.


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