Ubuntu Firefox 3.6

Wanna download and install the latest Ubuntu Firefox 3.6 version ?

Download Ubuntu Firefox 3.6

To download Ubuntu Firefox 3.6 for your Ubuntu or Linux, you can simply goto the Mozilla Firefox url below, which will give you a download link for the tar.gz / tar.bz2 file, for the latest Firefox Linux version:
Download Mozilla Firefox

Install Ubuntu Firefox 3.6

After successfully downloading the Firefox file, simply extract the downloaded file anywhere in your hard drive, for example, you can extract the files into a folder named firefox, in your Desktop or home folder.

After extracting the file into your firefox folder in your Desktop, you simply have to create a Launcher in your Desktop, and start using Firefox for your Ubuntu.

To know how to use Launcher in Ubuntu, check out the following post:
Ubuntu Shortcuts, How To Use Launcher

Just follow the commands as given in the Launcher post given above, and in the Command field, give the path of the firefox file, existing in the folder you just extracted. For example, if you have extracted all the files in the Desktop folder, as firefox, then the command path in the Launcher could be:
(replace the username with our ubuntu username)

or if you have saved the folder in home folder as firefox, then the command path in the Launcher could be:

Now that when you have created the Launcher of your Firefox successfully, simply close your current Firefox, and start using the new Firefox by double clicking on the shortcut or launcher you just created.

Hope this will help you downloading and installing Firefox 3.6 latest version in your Ubuntu / Linux.

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