Firefox 5 Ubuntu, Firefox 5 Linux

As you people know that Firefox 5 has been launched officially by Mozilla, after a very short time of the release of Firefox 4. You would be glad to know that Mozilla has also launched the Firefox 5 Ubuntu / Firefox 5 Linux version. As I have already posted the installation of Firefox 4 beta previously, I would recommend to please check out the post here, after downloading the Firefox 5 version of your Linux / Ubuntu from the official website.

All you need to do is to simply follow the steps posted on the following link, after downloading the firefox 5 from mozilla.

Download Firefox 5 Ubuntu, Firefox 5 Linux

To download Mozilla Firefox 5 for Ubuntu, goto the following link:

Install Firefox 5 Ubuntu, Firefox 5 Linux

After downloading, simply follow the steps on the post below, though they’re for Firefox 4, but they will hopefully be working for Firefox 5 as well:


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