Empathy – Name In Use Problem

While logging into Empathy, there faced a problem while the account signing in. Here is a simple and easy solution:

Empathy – Name In Use Solution

All you have to do, what was done by me here, is to remove the account or accounts which are having problem while signing in. For example, if your MSN account is getting problem while singing in, and showing yout  the Name In Use error, then simple remove the account by following the small procedure below:

  1. Open Empathy window
  2. Goto: Edit -> Accounts
  3. Choose your account from the left panel by selecting it from the left click
  4. And click on the Remove button below

One you have remove your account, now just add the account again by clicking on the Add button on the same window, and following the procedure there for adding your account.

And your problem would have been resolved now.

If still facing any problem, then try to do the same procedure again, and restart Empathy before adding the account again to see if any change happens.


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