Gingerbread Android 2.3 Urdu / Arabic Font For Browser

If you are facing problems in displaying of urdu / arabic fonts on your gingerbread android 2.3 in your browser, here is a simple solution.

Solution For Urdu / Arabic Font For Browser

While using Android 2.3 on an LG device (specifically Optimus Spirit P690, aka Optimus Net), I found an issue of not showing connected Urdu / Arabic words in the browser, but each letter is written separately instead. To make it resolved, all you need to do is to install Opera Mini in your device.

Urdu / Arabic Connected Words Issue Solution

To make your words connecting problem resolved, all you need to do is to install Opera Mini or Opera in your device, and all your browser problem will be resolved. Though this did not work on the other apps like SMS Message etc., but if you only want to enable the urdu / arabic words, then this solution is quite good for you to make your Gingerbread Android 2.3 enable to start displaying proper urdu / arabic words.

If you have any other solution to this, or a complete solution for making this issue resolved all over the Gingerbread i.e. to start displaying proper words out of browser as well, then please let us know through the comments.

Thanks to my bro, Imran Khan, for giving me an idea to make this problem resolved.


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