Ubuntu Coming To Tablets

We are living in the new era of technology and digital devices. Human beings are digitalized from kitchen to offices through the skillful inventions of leaders from us. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distributor today and the main point is that it is an open source OS. It will be a stunning experience when the dedicated version of Ubuntu, a Linux based OS comes to our digital devices such as tablets, smart phones etc.

Rumors spread that Canonical will be making this dream fulfilled. Mark Shuttleworth, the firm founder behind Ubuntu is to introduce in the Ubuntu Developer Summit about the core features OS which will be providing an extraordinary experience for smart phone, tablets and even for smart TV users.

Canonical’s expectations

Shuttleworth in their blog post mentioned that the 14.04 LTS Ubuntu will give a power boost from smart phones to smart TVs from the car to the office kitchen. They also mentioned that it will be having a miraculous ability to connect those devices seamlessly to the desktop.
While people moving to the new era of digital devices, it is important that the facilities should remain skillfully at any area of technology. Canonical is already been talking with hardware vendors and partners in the last 18 months. One of the most important partners will be ARM, the heart of smart phone devices. Also they will have partners like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, IBM, and Lenovo so that we may assure that our expectations will not be thrown to the basket.

Challenges in Market

The upcoming version of Ubuntu will be facing some difficulties to win market as the current market is already competitive when comparing the popular Android, iOS like operating systems. Also in 2014, when Ubuntu releases for tablets, windows 8 will already be in the market. Thus the Canonical is going to face a big challenge when they release the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS while Google’s Android already been successful in the market for the recent years. We may hope that the new version of Ubuntu will have some unbeatable features when we hear the challenging words of Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth. But it is sure that Apple and Google will not simply sit and surrender in the battle of OSs.

Users’ expectations

Users are expecting an unpredictable version of Ubuntu with unbeatable features than Android and iOS like operating systems. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is expected to be efficient in power management as the 11.04 LTS showed the efficiency by reducing the consumption by 10-15 percent. It is hard to know that our expectations will last for 2 more years as canonical is predicted to release their Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in 2014.
Let’s hope for a new battle of tech devices and OSs in the upcoming years. Now the users are waiting to see a better OS for their tablets and smart phones. Now it is Canonical’s duty to fulfill our needs by providing a perfect OS beating the existing competitors in the tight market of upcoming years.

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