Great Tools – Free Browser-Based Text Tools

There are few things which are very much needed at times, whether you are a developer, an accountant or anyone, there are different tools required by most of us like Text Line Tools and other Miscellaneous tools.

Great Tools – Free Browser-Based Text Tools

For all the people who are using computers, some of the things are required by many of us like
Removing Duplicate Lines, Word Frequency Counter, Letter Case Converter etc. There is a website, where many of the great tools are listed, which can make our lives ease, as they are sometimes needed a lot but instead of saving the time, we get our times wasted by googling or searching things here and there.

The site contains the tools, out of which some of them are listed below:

Remove Duplicate Lines
Word Frequency Counter
Letter Case Converter
Remove Extra Spaces
Remove Empty Lines
Add Line Numbers
Add Prefix/Suffix into Line
Add/Remove Line Breaks
Count Characters, Words, Lines
Sort Text Lines
Binary Code Translator
Reverse Text Generator
ASCII, Hex, Unicode Converter
Countdown Timer
Online Stopwatch

and more

Great Tools Website

Having read so many lists from above, you may be excited to visit the website, so here it is.

Text Mechanic – Online Text Editor/Processor/Manipulation Tools

Hope you will like it.


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