Error 1935 – Openoffice 3.4

While installing Openoffice 3.4 in Windows XP, something like below error occurred:

An error occurred during installation of assembly ‘cli_ure,publidKeyToken=”xxx…”, version=”″,culture=”neutral”,processorArchitecture=”MSIL”. Please refer to Help and Support for more in..

Openoffice Error 1935 Solution

Here is a simple solution.

  • Goto your Windows System32 directory, which is usually located as c:\windows\system32.
  • In this directory you’ll find a file named mscoree.dll.
  • Rename this file to something like mscoreebak.dll
  • Now install Openoffice 3.4
  • After successful installation, rename the file mscoreebak.dll back to mscoree.dll

Hope this solution works for you.


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