Table seo_cache doesnt exist

While using Zen Cart in local system, the error exists as

Table seo_cache doesn’t exist

Here is what was beneficial for me, hope it will also work for you.

seo_cache doesn’t exist – zen cart

To resolve this error, all you have to do is to check that the right table is inserted in the database. As per my problem, there was a table named TABLE_SEO_CACHE in my zencart db, which was wrongly added somehow. After changing that table name to seo_cache, the problem got resolved.

seo_cache doesn’t exist solution

So here is a simple query which you can write in the DB for altering and changing the table name from TABLE_SEO_CACHE to seo_cache:


Hope this solution will work for you.

After this solution, if you start getting other errors like

Table ‘TABLE_SEO_CACHE’ doesn’t exist
[DELETE FROM TABLE_SEO_CACHE WHERE cache_expires <= '2012-07-17 22:30:33'] 1146 Table 'TABLE_SEO_CACHE' doesn't exist in: [DELETE FROM TABLE_SEO_CACHE WHERE cache_expires <= '2012-07-17 22:30:33']

then you must have to define the TABLE_SEO_CACHE variable in your configuration file, with seo_cache.

All you have to do is to open your configuration.php file, existing in the following path of zen:


and add the following line of code, at the end of configuration.php file:

define(‘TABLE_SEO_CACHE’, DB_PREFIX . ‘seo_cache’);

or add this line, right after the line, where DB_PREFIX is defined, something like define(‘DB_PREFIX’, ”);

Now your system will hopefully run smoothly with no as such seo cache errors.

If you have any other concern, or any other suggestion, please comment.


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