Google Account Sync Android Problem

While using an Android device on Jellybean, I faced an issue of accounts which are being shown on Google account in Contacts are not synced with my Android device. Here is what I did which helped me in syncing the contacts again.

Resolved – Account Sync Issue Android

To get rid of the mentioned issue, please follow a short procedure which may help you sync your contacts in between your Google account and Android device.

First of all, log in to your Gmail account in computer, and goto the Contacts tab. You may see different tabs on the left navigation like My Contacts, Most Contacted, Other Contacts etc.

As per my knowledge, Google device only fetches the contacts which are saved in My Contacts. So if you wish to let these contacts be in the folders they are, but also need them in your Google device, simply goto all these tabs one by one, select all, or the contacts which u want to be synced with your device, and choose the option Add to My Contacts.

After done, wait for a while to let Google sync the account itself automatically into your device, or do the manual syncing from your device.

Hope this helps.

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