Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Optimization / Improvement

Are you facing issues in the battery utilization of your Samsung Galaxy S2?

Howto Improve Galaxy S2 Battery Usage

While googling out for how to improve the battery time of Samsung Galaxy S2, I found out different ways out, which includes some of the things, which I cant take action on, like switching off Wifi or Mobile internet by default, and only making it enabled when desired etc. I personally found out two of the following features, which let me improve my Galaxy S2 performance a bit, so I wanted to share it with the people who are searching for such a solution.

Solution – Galaxy S2 Battery Time Problem

1. Disable Motion Sensor
To disable motion sensor, if you’re using Android 4.1, you can easily find it on
Settings -> Motion
where you can easily turn the Motion on and off.

2. Disable Google Location
To disable Google location, it could be found in
Settings -> Location services -> Location and Google services
where you can turn it off.

As already mentioned that, all the other battery optimization aren’t discussed here, because most of the things to be asked to turn off, are things which you dont want to turn off in your mobile ever, like Wifi, making the brightness low etc., but yes, you can disable Bluetooth and GPS, and get them enabled as and when needed. But the above two mentioned solutions really worked for me, and if before the battery usage time was like 12 hours, then after disabling the above two things i.e. Motion Sensor and Google Location, my battery started giving me more usage of like 3 to 5 hours, as compared to the previous battery usage time.

Try the solution out and comment on how it worked it you. Or if you also have some other ways through which we can optimize the battery life of Galaxy S2, then please share with us by commenting on the post.

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